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The Northern California Writing Project is a professional development organization devoted to improving the teaching of writing in our service region.


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Community Programs

Community Programs

Along with programs for teachers, we offer programs for North State communities. Young writers’ festivals, digital composing camps for teens, college entrance workshops, and Maker Faire literacy nights are among the programs we can provide to communities and groups. All of these feature effective and productive uses of literacy in school- and community-based contexts. Community and school groups interested in partnering with the NCWP to host one of these programs should contact  the NCWP Office.

  • Young Writers’ Festival: Children entering grades 3-7 are invited to join Writing Project leaders for a week-long celebration!  Students will participate in exciting activities that celebrate the art and beauty of writing.  Each child receives a Writing Festival tee shirt.  At the end of the week, each child also receives a publication of all the participants writing.  For more information and registration, call the Northern California Writing Project at (530) 898-5322


  • Digital Composing Camp: Targeting students entering grades 7-9, the Digital Composing Camp focuses on a variety of digital and internet-based communication tools for composing. Digital stories, Ignite talks, stop-motion animation, and comics creation are among the possibilities.


  • College Entrance Essay Workshops: Designed for high school students entering their senior year, this program focuses on helping participants write their college-entry essays. Taught by effective, experienced high school and/or college teachers, the workshops help students understand and address the particular requirements and expectations of the college entrance essay.


  • Maker-Faire Literacy Nights: Perfect for school or community groups, these sessions feature NCWP teachers leading sessions focused on the creation of hands-on crafts and gizmos (toys, puppets, lamps, drawing machines, and the like) coupled with standards-based technical and creative writing related to their construction.