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The Northern California Writing Project is a professional development organization devoted to improving the teaching of writing in our service region.


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Content Area Literacy Network

Content Area Literacy Network

The Content Area Literacy Network: A Rural Counties Collaborative project focuses on preparing teachers across the curriculum for the upcoming implementation of content-area literacy in the new California Common Core Standards.

What is the purpose of the Content Area Literacy Network project?

The project is a professional development partnership centered on content area literacy. The overarching goal is to increase awareness of literacy practices and pedagogies in content areas, as mandated by the new California Common Core Standards. In order to reach this goal, our focus is on lesson design principles and practices that simultaneously meet multiple objectives (e.g. ESLRs, EDI, content and literacy standards, common assessments, etc.).

Who is involved in the Content Area Literacy Network project?

The project is a partnership of Corning Union High School District, the Northern California Writing Project, the Chico State Education Department, the Tehama County Office of Education, Yreka High School, Modoc High School, Hamilton City High School, and Butte College. The project is supported by the California Post Secondary Education Commission’s Improving Teacher Quality grant program.

What is expected of participants? What can participants expect to gain from the project?

Participants in the project will attend the scheduled professional development activities and conduct simple inquiry projects grounded in and derived from teachers’ everyday classroom practices. Participation will enrich teacher knowledge of reading and writing strategies that support student learning in content areas, allow opportunities to examine and revise current literacy-rich assignments in a collegial and supportive environment, and develop knowledge of lesson design practices that effectively meet various local, state, and national expectations.